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Tips For Making Career Change

Ken BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL CAREER: ESSENTIAL TIPS. INTRODUCTION: What the world needs is capacity building and human capital development. These are indicators that determine how far an individual, society and the world can grow. A nation that recognizes capacity building through a successful career development will make do with its resources. Today the world is […]

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Career Change Blog: Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship may be what you want instead of a career . Or maybe starting your own business is what you want to began as soon as possible, even as you start your new career. Many people have what it takes to become a business owner but they just never entertain the thought to go that […]

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Trucking Careers

A career change to truck driver jobs can be a good move for the right person in the right situation. A trucking career for the wrong person however can be pretty ugly. Let’s do a self assessment and to see if trucking is the right career change for you and your family. Making a career […]

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Two huge mistakes job applicants are making

They Dont include a cover letter (Even when the employer has asked for one)If the employer asks for a cover letter, write one. End. Of. Story. Your cover letter not only gives you the opportunity to instantly grab the employers attention but it also gives them a good sense of your writing style, but it […]

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Inspirational True Story Of Success

Tweet I come across this story the other day and thought it was a really powerful story for anybody in all walks of life and it has a fantastic message behind it. There was a man names Eric who had everything in abundance, he had the millionaire lifestyle, big house with a swimming pool, acres […]

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Most Pressing Questions

Finding the perfect job may prove to be challenging. Are you a team player or something of a group? These are questions you must be answered before you accept a job offer. This article should help to facilitate these answers for your needs. tend to see a person that someone whos dressed nicely as a […]